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Weight Watchers

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Get Weight Watchers digital magazine subscription today for smart advice and delicious recipes that can help you succeed with your weight loss program and feel great about yourself. In every issue, real people share the tips that worked for them. Find the support and motivation you need to reach your weight loss goals within the pages of Weight Watchers Magazine....

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Woman's World

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The warmhearted weekly magazine for busy women. Includes recipes, tips for organizing the home and much more....

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SHAPE magazine is edited to deliver useful techniques and an understanding of fitness. Top experts from diverse fields of exercise, nutrition, psychology and beauty join forces with nationally known journalists to make each issue a how-to manual for a healthful lifestyle. Kindle Magazines are fully downloaded onto your Kindle so you can read them even when you're not wirelessly connected....

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Psychology Today

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Psychology Today magazine is the only magazine devoted to exploring human behavior. Psychology Today takes information from the latest research in the field of psychology and makes it useful to people in their everyday live....

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Outside [Print + Kindle]

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Outside covers the exciting, active lifestyle of today's man.˜ Each month readers share the adventure, with travel reporting and advice available nowhere else, inspiring profiles, breathtaking photography, epic news from the frontiers of exploration and risk, rock-solid advice on gear, health and fitness and an addictive quotient of daring and mind-blowing surprises. Outside is a 2013 winner of t...

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HEALTH Magazine

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Enjoy living the healthy life with solutions and advice from the experts at HEALTH magazine—now available for the Kindle Fire! Each issue is packed with smart and fun new ways to stay in terrific shape, look amazing and discover tasty (and healthy!) things to eat delivered right to your Kindle Fire—where you want it, when you want it. Kindle Magazines are fully downloaded onto your Kindle so y...

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Mother Earth Living

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Mother Earth Living is the authority on sustainable home design and materials, earth-friendly decor and natural lifestyles. Health-conscious, environmentally concerned consumers have turned to Mother Earth Living for information, advice & inspiration to create beautiful, earth-friendly living spaces...

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Yoga Journal

2 new available from $19.99.

Yoga Journal has been a valuable resource for information about physical and spiritual well-being through the practice of yoga. Yoga Journal is your guide to better health, nutrition, personal growth, fitness and inner peace. You ll learn revitalizing yoga techniques taught by the masters.The Kindle Edition of this magazine includes Page View. In Page View, your magazines look just like the printe...

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Men's Journal

2 new available from $19.95.

Men's Journal is a highly entertaining reads that delivers editorial that excites and inspires its readers to participate in an adventurous lifestyle. Each issue will keep you fully informed across a full range of subjects including travel, health and fitness, style, sports, hi-tech gadgets, music and more.The Kindle Edition of this magazine includes Page View. In Page View, your magazines look ju...

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Muscle & Fitness Hers

2 new available from $9.99.

Muscle & Fitness Hers is for the active woman who wants more out of fitness. It's written as a success coach presenting expert advice on training, nutrition, health, beauty, and fashion.The Kindle Edition of this magazine includes Page View. In Page View, your magazines look just like the printed edition with all the photos and formatting....

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