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Mother Earth Living

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Mother Earth Living is the authority on sustainable home design and materials, earth-friendly decor and natural lifestyles. Health-conscious, environmentally concerned consumers have turned to Mother Earth Living for information, advice & inspiration to create beautiful, earth-friendly living spaces...

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Muscle & Fitness [Print + Kindle]

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This is a lifestyle magazine for men and women interested in building their bodies and minds. It contains advice on getting in shape and staying fit. Each issue includes articles on exercise routines, diet, nutrition, sexual fitness, psychology, sports medicine, kinesiology, physiology, weight control and personal appearance....

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VegNews Magazine

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Vegetarianism is hotter than ever. To accommodate this growing segment, VegNews provides the latest vegetarian news, health information, recipes galore, global events, new veg products, must-read books, celebrity buzz, and even vegetarian weddings. It's the premier veg lifestyle magazine....

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NewBeauty: The World's Most Unique Beauty Magazine

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New Beauty is the first publication devoted exclusively to providing a comprehensive guide to the latest advances in plastic surgery, dermatology and cosmetic dentistry, as well as revealing the best beauty secrets, must-have products and expert advice. New Beauty redefines the traditional magazine...

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Experience Life

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Experience Life will inspire you to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. This magazine will coach you on making the most of your body, your energy, your choices, and your time. It’ll help you see, firsthand, how better health and fitness can contribute to a happier, more balanced life — and vice versa. Experience Life covers the cutting edge side of fitness, nutrition and wellness, and...

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Consumer Reports On Health

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Get expert, unbiased reporting on how to live healthier, longer. Discover what works ? and what doesn?t ? from prescription drugs and alternative therapies, to disease prevention and nutrition. All from a name you can trust, with no outside advertising....

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Who Reads Prevention Magazine? Prevention provides lively, trusted, credible family health information that women need in an inviting, invigorating, approachable format. America's leading healthy lifestyle magazine is based on a simple and powerful promise: Make little changes, get big results. Prevention speaks to readers in a reassuring, familiar voice about family health, food, nutrition, worko...

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Dance Spirit

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Dance Spirit beats to the pulse of the teen dance world. The hottest up-and-coming dancers, fashion, training and technique advice, plus health & fitness....

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Womens Running

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