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Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter

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The Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter comes to you from the world-renowned Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. Each issue brings you trustworthy news, real strategies and delicious recipes that can help you add years of healthy living to your life....

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Life Extension Magazine

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Life Extension Magazine on Kindle is committed to being the ultimate source for new health and medical findings from around the world. On the forefront of anti-aging science, Life Extension is the preeminent publication for longevity research and information. Each issue is filled with thought-provoking features designed to help its readers halt and reverse aging, while simultaneously promoting a h...

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Health Magazine = Zdorovie

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Mental Health Nursing

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Mental Health Nursing (MHN) Journal app brings content on best practice for mental health nursing to your mobile device. Mental Health Nursing is the journal of the Mental Health Nursing Association. MHN covers all aspects of mental health nurse practice in the UK. Download the app to access: • Education and Training features • Reviews and reports into innovative therapy and care • Updates...

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Australian Men's Fitness

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Men's Fitness is your personal trainer, dietician, life coach and training partner in one package. It's about fitness of the mind and body. Covering fitness, health, nutrition, participation in sport, relationships, travel and men's fashion, the magazine drives its readers to be fitter, stronger, healthier and ultimately, happier....

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Alternative Medicine

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Alternative Medicine magazine offers information on natural ways of healthy living. Learn more about the science behind good health foods and natural therapies in each issue of Alternative Medicine magazine....

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OM Yoga UK Magazine

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Designed to inspire and to energise, OM magazine wants to help you enjoy a more active and rewarding life, drawing on the physical and mental disciplines of yoga, an ancient practice just as popular today as it was thousands of years ago. ...

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Epilepsy Today

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Epilepsy Today brings together the latest news and information for anyone affected by epilepsy and their friends, family and carers. Each issue contains treatment news, inspirational true stories and vital information on the condition.Did you know that there are over 40 different types of seizure?Did you know that epilepsy can affect anyone at anytime of life?Did you know that a seizure happens wh...

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Fitness His Edition

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Muscle Evolution's Fitness His Edition magazine covers all aspects of the men's health and fitness lifestyle with dedicated weight training features that delve into everything related to gym-based training, as well as various sporting codes and the related training modalities. Fitness His Edition also covers health and fitness product news, trends and techniques, as well as expert nutritional and ...

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Muscle Evolution

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Muscle Evolution is South Africa's leading resource for weight training, competition news and reviews, supplementation and nutrition. Established in 2003, Muscle Evolution has built a loyal following among the passionate local bodybuilding community. Muscle Evolution offers locally relevant, in-depth and informative content in innovative, progressively-designed features that are written by SA's to...

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